Wonderful Delphiniums

Fantastic Delphiniums… I just enjoy delphiniums, although they are hard work, magnets for slugs and this damp windy weather condition makes it a fight to keep them upright I can not withstand the grandiose blue, purple, pink and white spires. I love the soft tones of the ones in the picture but likewise the fantastic sharp blues, the eyes that appear like bees- somehow they are simply worth the difficulty.

Delphiniums grow easily from seed, and flower the same year. They require extensive slug defense but once established turn into really large clumps setting up massive flowers spikes. Don’t believe what you bring home from the garden centre is it, with a couple of flower spikes, as soon as developed Delphiniums produce up to a dozen flower spikes from the one plant, which look great in the border.

It is essential to stake delphiniums in such a way which supports them so the entire plant sways in the wind. If you stake simply the flower, it will often snap, the entire plant needs to bend.

When the main stem has flowered cut it back and you will get secondary shoots. Delphiniums are herbaceous which implies they die back totally in the winter and they do need a reasonable amount of attention. As always, gardens are as individual as style; what one person loves another dislikes. I make certain numerous garden enthusiasts will read this and shudder at the thought of Delphiniums however I cannot think of a garden without them.

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