Town overhaul plans get a ‘positive’ response

MAJOR proposals to help put Maldon and Heybridge on the map have been described as “very positive”.Last week the Standard revealed how proposals for 18 projects to help revitalise the area had been drawn up.

These included plans to boost the lower end of the High Street with outdoor dining, an “iconic” bridge over the River Chelmer and a visitor cen- tre for Promenade Park.On Thursday, Maldon District Council’s planning and licensing committee agreed to approve amendments to the plan ahead of it going out to public consultation in the spring.

John Rogers, of Maldon Little Ship Club, said: “We feel the masterplan is very positive as it takes into account the need for more mooring spots for visitors.”But Mr Rogers said there were concerns parking on the quay could be stopped to allow markets and other events to be held.

He said: “If they kick all the parking off, Maldon Little Ship Club would find it hard to function and the barge owners would find it difficult.”Mr Rogers said any bridge proposed for over the River Chelmer should be an “open bridge”.

Readers shared their views on Facebook. Sally Dower said: “I’m all for it and hope it happens soon — just not too many Costa’s though please.”Stephii Pears added: “A bridge from the basin sea wall where they have the wildlife lake to the prom would be lovely you could walk across it ad- mire boats and look at the prom from a different angle.”

But some residents were sceptical about how the plans would affect Mal- don’s town centre.Gill Winsor said: “From the artist impression the High Street will lose its character.“Markets have been tried before and usually end up with a load of stalls selling shoddy stuff.”

Have your say on radical plan in spring,MEMBERS of the public will get to have their say on plans to regenerate Maldon and Heybridge in the spring.Ideas proposed include improvements to Maldon’s riverside path, creating an enterprise centre near the Causeway and enhancing North Quay.

Penny Channer, chairman of the planning and licensing committee, said: “Further to extensive stakeholder engagement, the masterplan now requires approval of the planning and licensing committee for public consultation.“The public consultation is planned for six weeks in early spring and will include web-based consultation, public exhibitions and community workshops.

“It is intended that the master plan will become a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) to the Local Development Plan (LDP) and will be a material consideration in the planning process.”

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